If you are looking for a wedding photographer and videographer, you must have already seen the “DSLR technique” expression on other sites. The expansion of DSLR devices (digital single-lens reflex cameras) in this profession cannot be questioned regarding both photography and videography. It can be safely stated that these appliances represent one of the most professional techniques in the field of imaging, so it was not by accident that we also chose these kinds of devices for our work.


About wedding photography


You may ask yourselves this question many times: …why isn’t it enough if one of our relatives or friends takes photos on our wedding..? 


Well, we would reply that not everyone capable of cooking becomes a cook and not everyone having learnt how to drive becomes a racing driver.

Not to mention the fact that using a device worth a few thousands of Euros solely doesn’t guarantee high quality photos.


Wedding photography is a largely noble and rewarding task but this part of the profession is rather deep water. The occasion and the moment are unrepeatable. Therefore, the photographer of an event like this bears a huge responsibility and is required to be well-qualified.


So what kinds of qualities are needed?


First of all, the photographers should be able to add something special from their artistic skills to the photos.

They should capture the honest emotions and know how to bring out the best from the newly-weds.

Of course, adequate technical devices are also necessary to compose beautiful photos.

Besides, we believe that creativity and the ability of continuous renewal are essential too.


We could provide a long list of the technical elements of photography including the proper selection of objectives, composition, exposure, etc., but we wouldn’t like to go into the details.


We can assure you that we have the proper expertise at our disposal to meet our strict requirements and also to surely and confidently agree to the task of taking your wedding photos.



About wedding videography


Similarly to photography, we believe that video recording is a responsible task requiring among others expertise and artistic skills.


The modern approach or type of wedding videography, more specifically cinematography, is gaining more and more popularity. This is the type which stands close to our heart.


The focus is mainly on cinematic effect and highlighting the main point of interest: broad spectrum of contrast, rich colours, shallow depth of field,  quality recording in low light conditions, etc.

…but we won’t bore you with the unnecessary details. Most importantly, as required by this style, we make short but content-rich videos of maximum 30 minutes length.


We don’t like simply recording the events and making unwatchably boring and uncut videos that last for hours. Our works are characterized by dynamic imaging, artistic approach, exciting images with frequent cuts and the reflection of a happy atmosphere. Our videos are well-structured, contain even 1000 cuts and 60-70 hours of post-production is necessary to ensure high quality.


We believe that less is sometimes more. We prefer sophisticated clarity to images filled with excessive effects and silly crossfades.


We use a lot of tools to guarantee the quality of the final work, for example steadycam, camera stands, monopods, shoulder rigs, camera sliders, LED lamps and we can also choose from a wide range of objectives of different angles.


It’s important to mention that we have several cameras at our disposal making it possible to record certain scenes from more perspectives; therefore we can provide you with a video of higher quality.


In our opinion, only this kind of professional attitude and technical equipment allow the remarkable recording of memories with motion pictures.