We won’t reveal a big secret by admitting that we’re passionate about photo shooting and making motion pictures. We consider these more of hobbies than business activities.


We enjoy creating something that is permanent and everlasting. We are continuously learning and trying to keep up with technical developments and photographic trends. However, we are not conventional and we believe in sophisticated elegance that is the inherent nature of this genre. We are not frightened of extreme ideas; what is more, we enjoy challenges. 


Creativity and individual perspective are our number one priorities. We like capturing the moment, and creating lifelong memories makes us feel good.


We appreciate the couples giving us the honour to request our services on this special occasion. The greatest recognition for us is to see true happiness and satisfaction on their face when handing over the completed artworks.


You can count on us anytime from the very first moment when you contact us, even until after your wedding. We prefer establishing friendly relations with everyone, not only contractual ones.


Richie and Laci